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    I have a 2013 sportster and havin issues with fuel light.......light seems to come on when I burn a gallon or so of fuel but had dealer chek it out......they said its wrkin ok........BUT THY ARE WRONG..........BECUZ I HAVE 5K MILES ON BIKE AND SAME RESULTS.......LIGHT COMES ON TOO EARLY.....

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    I agree, my 2006 Ultra low fuel light comes on with about 3/4 gallon to go. My gas gauge shows almost empty when the light comes on. Now I know you don't have a gauge but you know if you've only burned a gallon, that's too soon. Don't let the stealership wear you down.
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    Don't have a reputation for working correctly.
    Use the odometer and refuel at a given amount.
    I always use 100 mile mark for refuel.
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    It happened to my wife's 2011 XL883L Sportster. I was taking her bike to dealer cuz it was under warranty. They found out that the SENSOR, FUEL LEVEL was up-down!!! I can't believe how they did that during the assembly line. Maybe you need to tell the dealer about that.
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    Keep taking it back until they fix it, still under warranty!
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    I wish they wouldn't put gas gauges on motorcycles with small tanks. I'm glad mine doesn't have it, because it makes you use common sense rather than a gauge or idiot lights (as I like to call them).

    I've never once ran out of gas. I always use the "on" position of my petcock and it works fine, and once in the blue moon when I've been on an excursion, I've needed reserve only because I skipped a gas station thinking one would be closer. But that's what reserve is for anyhow.
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    the more electronics complications, the worse the repair issues and cost

    (clean and simple: may need adjusting more often but is solid and easy and reliable)

    i'd rather (1) uplug it or (2) warn me early rather than warn me late. compare to other new ones.

    get a manual page or ask dealer what kind of sensor. is it inside tank ? if so you can't access it and the job would take a while to replace (dealer)

    i agree with the guy ^^. this isn't worth your time. i have only a spedo, oil light, shift light. and i'm thankful they made it that way.

    i've replaced sensors inside car tanks

    you can ask dealer. but it's probably the case that the fuel sensor is separate from any other tank sensor (if there are any).

    you could say: i'll have them put on a new tank with same paint since i might get repair issues if the sensor is shorting

    but a fuel light won't stop your bike or cause performance issues - it's just a dummy light. be "green". don't be throwing away a tank for a dummy light.

    I KNOW. look you said your dealer has a record. keep your receipt of it. harley is a fine company if your tank "fails" later i'm sure they'll hoonor it.

    anyway. maybe it's a "tank 1/2 full" light. i never go places without a fuill tank, personally. that way i don't get surprised - reserve doesn't go that far to the closest gas station if your not in a farm area or in a traffic jam!
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