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    Was wondering if anyone knows for sure the chronology of Harleys fuel injection, or where I might find it. Specificly what I am looking for is when was the first production FI introduced, how long was it used, what replaced it, all the way through what they are currently using.

    For instance I know that the 2013 softails and dynas are using the new HD-LAN but the touring models are not. Any light that can be shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

    My reason for tracking down this information is, I will be purchasing some digital tuning equipment and software and want to get the most for the money I have in the budget, for example I know the early FI was made by Magnetti Morelli, and I believe this software is bundled with some euro models but if HD only used it for 1 or 2 years and the software is exceedingly expensive then perhaps I will forego the purchase of that software. The goal is to get as much HD based value as possible. Without having to buy a bunch of stuff I will never use, I dont see tuning any Ducati's in my future so I dont want to have to pay for it if I dont have too.

    I would ask all of these questions of the vendor, but on my first call, when I was trying to get a feel for the cost of thier product, they wanted me to purchase on the spot, and offered some nice incentives for doing so. At the time I was not financially able to do it, that situation has now changed but I would like to go into the final negotiations a bit more informed than during my initial contact with them.

    I just feel like there is the possibility to maximize the sales incentives here and of course I want to get the most for my money the first time around.
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    I believe EFI first introduced in 95 with the MM units through 2001 models then went with Delphi through current year.
    Thats about all I know.:D