fuel filter or what?

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    I have a 2000 eglide 42,000 miles, and I have had it for two years never have had one problem with it. About a month ago I was riding and it just stopped running. I had it towed called a "Harley" friend told him what happen he called a HD mechanic and the mechanic asked him to ask me if I had ever got cuaght rining in the rain, if so the vented gas cap was now probably clogged via rust or other. If I heard a hissing sound when I removed the cap that was my problem, and to buy another cap.

    I removed cap, heard the hissing sound bought new cap all was solved I thought.

    Less than 50 miles from my home on my way to the Texas ROT rally it did it again. That was not the problem.

    Any suggestions before I take it to HD. could it be a possible clogged fuel filter, crap in the tank, need new fuel shut of valve?
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