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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Drew, May 6, 2009.

  1. Drew

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    So I'm at O'Hare airport the other day, and they happen to have an HD store (clothing and the like), so I stop in. There is a security guard in the vicinity, and we get to talking. He seemed interested in bikes, so I asked him if he rides. "No, I like my arms and legs. The last thing I need is for my wife to have to take care of me while breathing through a tube for the rest of my life." "Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?" I ask... again, "no" says the security guard.

    Guy sure has a lot of opinions about something he apparently knows nothing about. Plus, I'm sure the manager of that HD shop would be really stoked to find out this guy is outside their store talking trash... not too good for business.

    My wife, who was with me, was strong as a rock, and didn't let it get to her. She knows that being the wife of someone who rides involves being able to brush off ignorant statements by those that know nothing about the subject. I didn't get into it with this guy, because what can you say to someone like that? After I got back from my vacation, I went for a nice 50 mile ride... arms, legs, and breathing are still in tact!!!!

    ride safe, and with a smile
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    Well, it just goes to show, it takes all types!
  3. HardyHarHarley

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    He's a security guard, right. He could be a moonlighting LEO. What do we know about many who join the ranks of uniform wearing security guard/LEOs???

    That they are very opinionated and have a desire to be controlling of others, right??

    Note that I said most......that means NOT ALL are that way.

    My belief is, you just stepped into this world of "let's convert this biker to my way of thinking by making a very bold statement why no one should ride motorcycles."

    It takes all kinds.


    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    There are many non riders with opinions and honestly do not argue the point other than you support motorcycling and the industry. Small, closed minds are JUST that and not worth your expenditure of energy or need to create a scene or argument.

    Remember, some of these non-riding people are in positions of power that make or break decisions on our sport and we certainly do not want to promote the "Ugly Biker" image. Just remember to support good riding and promotion practices as you are motorcycling's ambassador and many of those type people with pre-conceptions may turn around by lots of positive feedback from knowledgeable experienced riders like us.
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    It took me a while to accept the fact that people are entitled to their opinions when they are different than mine. As a younger man, I would argue my points vigorously, now, a bit older and wiser, I just accept the fact that people are people. Ask ten folks their opinion on motorcycling, and you will more than likely get ten different answers.

    A year or so ago while polishing my bike in the drive, I had a neighbor my age (60) stroll up to me and quip:"you're a little old to be riding one of those, aren't you?"...My response was "You're a little young not to be riding one"....Did I convert him? No, but that's OK.

    As for the dangers of something, I was preached to when I SCUBA'd, when I got my motorcycle license. It's just people being people.
  6. Jim B.

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    Reminds me of some of the anti-gun proponents. They don't own a gun, they've never owned a gun, they've never fired a gun, they don't know the difference between different kinds of guns, and they think that guns sneak out of their safes and walk around by themselves causing trouble. Unfortunately, some of those people are also in positions of power. I just try to be an example by being a responsible gun owner and motorcycle rider, and by promoting safe gun ownership and motorcycle riding.
  7. Drew

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    the thing that bothered me most about this was that my wife was right there (and he could obviously see that we were together). What if my kids had been there, and heard him say these things? It's just irresponsible. If it was 1-on-1, then fine, I can certainly deal with others opinions without feeling compelled to argue my side, or feel that I have to convert them to my way of thinking. But I found it completely lacked tact that he kind of drew my wife into it ("you don't ride on the back of his bike, do you?").

    Ah well... not a big deal.
  8. Jim B.

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    Sounds to me like the security guard was not a happy camper. Looks like you handled the situation better than he did. That should get you points with the wife.
  9. R. Lewis

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    Maybe he just frustrated that his wife WON'T let him buy a scoot!!!! :D
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    Very well said,