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Front wheel question for my 09 FXDB Street Bob

I am a Retired USAF vet, I turn 63 in 2 weeks. I have a 2009 Street Bob that I am thinking on installing a Frankenstein Trike kit on it. I had a heart attack 2 years ago and my balance isn't what it used to be. With this kit the rear wheel hubs have Ford 5x4.50 lugs. I have a 19" wire wheel up front. I LOVE Old School wheels. I want to put on Centerline Classic spun aluminum wheels, 15x10 with a -56 offset. My question is, how hard is it to install a Fat Boy front solid wheel instead of using the wire wheel? That way I have 3 wheels that are spun aluminum.I really don't like a pair of solid on the back and wire up front. Or, are there aftermarket solid wheels I could go too? Thanks for any help.
Welcome aboard from Gulf Coast AL. Thank you for your service, I am also a USAF vet Vietnam Era.
I do not have any personal knowledge on using a solid wheel vs a wire wheel, someone will chime in to help. I think the solid wheel is going to look better than the wire wheel.
Welcome from Spokane Washington.
Thank you for your service, I appreciate it very much.
I think going to the solid wheel on front to match the back is a great idea.
I have had a couple bikes with wired rims, 2003 and 2009 RKC with the white walls, never had any problems with the spokes.
However a fellow we use to ride with did.
He always went to the dealer for all service and tires.
On one of our trips to Sturgis, he had to get a new rear tire and the dealer there showed him the damage to the rim from loose spokes. He wasn't very happy when they asked why he never had them tune the spokes when they mounted new tires.
Longer story on that.
Spoke'd wheels need maintenance, solid need cleaning.
Good luck with the transformation.
Thanks for the replies. My 09 Street Bob is the 1st pic. The next 6 are actually of a 09 Street Bob from Frankensteins website. The link here, , is a video on Frankensteins facebook page of what I almost am looking for. Just with a solid front also. Centerline wheels make a 15x10 5x4.5 wheel that I want.


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I believe the Fatbob has narrow glide forks. The Fatboy has wide glide forks. Wide glide wheels/tires are too wide for the narrow glide forks.