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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by shortster58, Sep 11, 2012.

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    can any one tell me were the front signal lights plug in , got crack socket and don't want to cut wire's, is it up front or do i have to remove the tank to get at it .....
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    I believe the turn signal plug is inside the backbone underneath the tank.
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    Lordharold is right. The wiring harness on the Dyna's runs through the backbone of the frame. It's not the easiest thing to get at either. Taking the tank off wont help you at all because the wire is actually inside the frame itself. If I were you I would just cut/splice and heatshrink the new wires.

    If on the other hand you really dont want to cut the wires you will have to pull the wiring harness partially through the neck of the frame. To do that you will have to loosen it from the back. If you look in front of your rear tire you will notice a small plate. Behind that plate is the folded up ends of the harness. Remove that plate and unfold the wire to get enough slack in the harness. The real trick is wrapping it back up when your finished and getting it all to fit back in there. I would recomend removing the rear tire to give you more room to work.

    Like I said it MUCH easier to just cut the wire...Trust me I went through this about a year ago!
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    On the Fat Bob Dyna, you remove the gas tank fasteners then just slide the tank back to access the wire harness in the frame. You need to remove the plastic cover under the frame then the plugs will pull out of the acesss area with wires an all. Not very hard, but it helps to use a Harley shop manual too.
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    If you can't find it, might as well take it to a reliable HD repairman and ask where it is :) It's better than cutting wires you don't know where it is connected.
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    blue-berry you're new here right?
    We're kinda a do-it-yourself crowd.

    People post questions looking for tips on how to remedy or modify their bikes. Others with experience offer advice. We all know they have shop services at the Harley dealer.
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    Also, invest in the OEM shop manual. It will be the best reference guide and purchase you can make for your bike. The OEM manuals are very explanatory and thorough.