front cylinder not firing

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by rockman, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I posted a few weeks ago about front cylinder not firing on my 06 road king classic. Dealer says it was the ECM. I have not modified the bike in any way since its purchase. Why would it go bad? Could there be another problem that caused this that they haven't addressed? Or do ECM"s just sometimes go bad?

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    Yes they can Just GO BAD.
    Did the dealer Check it or JUST Say It?

    I'm NOT the "electrical one" here and I would hope HOOPLE would come along here.,,,, He is "One" who has the knowledge on this....

    Have not seen him lately, I'll check him out with a pm..

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    Hoople is on vacation, should be back soon:D

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    Hoople works "HARD" here and I hope he has a "GOOD ONE".... all caps needed for that statement!

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    Your going to get us in TROUBLE again with the BOSS, Lol:D
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    There was a Hoople sighting but on further investigation, it turned out to be an impostor:D.
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    IF it is the ECM,what has the Dealer said?Will they meet you anywhere with the cost of a new one?Do you have an extended warranty?What is the cost of a genuine H-D ECU?

    If the cost is exhorbitant-like way over $1000 U.S,then i'd opt for a Thundermax unit.This is a complete ECU replacement with the bonus of adjustability and a 3 year warranty thrown in.

    You probably wont have O2 sensor bungs in your standard Headers,so you could go for aThundermax with no Auto tune(LOTS cheaper,less adjustment than a $900 one),or get bungs welded in for O2 sensors and plump for an Auto tune model.Your choice.Or get another standard Harley ECU.

    In a perfect world Harley should help you if your ECU has failed.The 'Brain' of the bike should live longer than that.-No sniggering please.

    However,its nice to have a couple of options for your bike.
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    Hes back:p
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    Good to be back. The bike looks like an absolute mess but it ran flawless. :p A few hours of TLC will get it back into shape.

    As far as ECM's, yes they can just go bad without reason or warning. If you ever get a chance to look inside one you will wonder how they even work at all. I really would not be too alarmed at it going bad. If you broke the ECM down into each and every component, you would have hundreds of thousand of transistors.

    Chances are the new ECM will last forever and it was just 1 of those things..
    I looked up the price for mine awhile back and it was like $650 which I thought was very fair since it was New outright //not rebuilt with no-exchange or core..