Front Brake Problems?

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    Just Wondering If Anybody Knows About Or Has Experienced Any Front Brake Prolems On A 08 Touring Model Bike. Ive Expeienced A Problem 3 Times Now.the Problem Is At Low Speed And Lightly Applying The Front Brake The Wheel Will Seem To Lock Up And Skid,this Has Happened 3 Times To Me And Im Now Getting Concerned About Riding The Bike As This Has Caused Me To Have A Slow Speed Lay Over On The Bike[5mph Or Less],fortunately No Major Damage Was Done Just Light Scratches On Crash Bar Which Dealer Is Replacing Already Due To Peeling Chrome. I Did Notice That A Couple Of Weeks Ago The Front Brakes Were Making Some Light Squealing Noises From The Pads,but Was Stopping Ok.any Thoghts Would Be Helpful,my Bike Is A 08 Egc.
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    Was the fall using the front brake during a turn? You really don't want to use the front brake while turning at low speeds. The available mount of traction for the front wheel is low in this situation. Just a tap of the front brake will cause the wheel to lock up. The probablity of this happening is even greater if there is sand/dirt on the road.

    The squealing could be from a couple of different things... Sand/dirty under the pads, a mis-aligned pad
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    I have to second what SledDog mentioned. Also take a look for any leakage around the pads too. That may cause the problem you are having with grabbing brakes.
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    Do you have ABS fitted to the bike?