Front Blow Out-Warning! Air Pressure indicators

Discussion in 'Police Bikes' started by CK103, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Cruising about 75mph on my 08 FLHP 2up, I thought I heard air released for 2 seconds but no other indication. I thought... what if I had a blow out and how would I slow down from that speed not knowing if it's the front or back? At that point it was just a thought but I slowly started making my way to the side of the road, not touching the brakes at all. Soon as I got down to about 35mph the front started tank slapping. I knew I had no air in the front tire. I came to a stop safely and noticed my air valve was missing but the tire was fine. I had put a little air pressure indicator on it that shows red if the pressure drops bellow 32lbs.
    That pulled and stretched the rubber valve which caught on the brake caliper and ripped it off.
    I think I was very lucky to make it and probably having the Dunlops that come on the Police bike helped.
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    WOW...good on you + your hearing in avoiding disaster w/this situation. When you get a change - can you post a pic, or link to the site you got these air indicators so members can see the culprit. Way to be safe!!!
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    That is not the first time I have heard of attachments causing the valve stem to be ripped off.
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    glad your safe, I also have heard to stay clear of stem attachments. Stories like this help keep us aware.

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    MIGHT Think of a better replacement like one that has metal valve stem /rubber washer, then Double 7/16 Nuts to seal... ??? Better???

    My thinking is it would stay in and on longer... ?

    I used to have them on my older bike.

    Thoughts from others Please...


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    I only use metal hex head with rubber o-ring seal on short metal valve stem with rubber washer & double nuts as Bubbie described on my sportbike motorcycles. I heard too many times of sudden failure of plastic covered rubber stem failure stories not to. But have heard plenty of indicator cap failures, be it accuracy or just not working.

    Have to say I have not heard of one where rotating at high speed was able to catch and snatch off the rubber stems. All the more reason to use short stems rather than ones too long, and use valve extension or guage with the proper head to check air pressure often. It could just have well been over inflation if you relied on the indicator guage.:small3d031:
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    I am another that only uses the metal stems and as i do my own tyre changing then i get to choose which stems i fit and i replace the stem when the tyre is replaced
    I could just reuse the old stems but have not as yet found where to get the seals on their own and they do deteriorate after a while

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    Yes on the metal stems, I had the bike towed home, took the front wheel off and took it to Cycle Gear just around the block and had a metal valve stem installed. Stay away from any attachements to the valve, the centrifical force at high speeds will make the stem feel like it's carrying 2lbs!
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    You are lucky, My experience with these things is once they register an air pressure they pretty much stay there, I have little faith in them over the years, Glad you and your bike are OK