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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by DakotaRob, May 31, 2012.

  1. DakotaRob

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    I picked up a couple new rain suits for me and the wife. They are the Frogg Toggs Road Toad suit, advertised as a motorcycle rain suit. Got them from for around $55 each.

    I got to try my suit out last Saturday. It's a light weight suit, and packs very nicely. The fit was great, and it kept me dry in a light rain/mist/fog for about 2 hours.

    The trouble came when I pulled off the highway for a quick break. I did not notice till it was too late, but when I put my feet down, the right pant leg got a little too close to the pipes. I was getting ready to hop back on the bike when I noticed a huge black mark on the pipe. It was then I glanced down at my pant leg and saw my blue jeans through a new burned hole in the rain suit. :small3d031: See photo below...

    $55 for a disposable suit is a little much! Fortunately, Sportsmansguide has a 100% satisfaction guarantee... My suit, along with the wife's unopened suit are on their way back.

    I'll keep using my 6 year old HD suit with the broken zippers on the pockets... don't use those pockets for anything anyway! And, I got another new HD rain suit for the wife.

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  2. cheap80z28

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    they sell a patch like material in j&p part number 166-0036 for 6.99 frogg togg heat kit. not sure how it applies but was gonna order one for the wifes siut that burned thru
  3. Iceman24

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    Heard/read similar stories w/Frogg Togg suits melting away on'd think if it's marketed for m/c's they'd add heat shields. At least you're getting the refund.
  4. STEVE07

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    I have been using Frogg Togs for about 8 yrs. now.When I first bought them I went to the dollar store and bought an ironing board cover.Cut a strip off and glued it inside the right leg.Works perfect.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    They're great to pack away for insurance but I wouldn't use them as my everyday rain suit.

    In addition to the melting problem, my coat zipper self destructed about the third time I put it on. They want me to pay to send it back to them so they can upgrade it to the newer zipper they supposedly use now. No thanks, dropped $250 or so for the awesome, glow in the dark, 2 piece HD suit.
  6. Bodeen

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    IMO it boils down to the material they are constructed of. The same Chinese kids made all of them. The profit margin is probably much different as well, specially the HD ones.
  7. mc2

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    the ironing board cover sounds like a good idea.
    I wore out a pair of Toggs.
    They were great in a hot climate, but in a sustaining rain I got wet, and with a little age my bottom was always wet.
    You get what you pay for.
  8. lakeforktx

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    HD high vis. suits here.....they are great...had them 2 years now and not one drop of rain yet....don't know good they are ,but they keep it from raining...:taunt
  9. R_W_B

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    Steve do you know what those ironing board covers are made of ? Anyhow that sounds like a good idea. I never wear rain pants for that reason. Some of them come with heat patches but if you don't watch it the pants will blow around and get burned anyhow.

    It's my upper body I have to keep dry or I freeze. Frogg Toggs is not the best deal. I bought an XElement rain suit at LeatherUP for $29 but I think it was on sale. Probably more like $42 regular. It's got plenty of pockets and has held up good so far. I don't use the pants, never enough time to get them on anyhow.

    The heavier suits are more durable for long term but also hotter and more bulky to pack in the bags. I like the lightweight ones better. At the price they cost I could replace them if I have too.
  10. STEVE07

    STEVE07 Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderators

    The ironing board cover is basically a nomax material,but to buy the material is much more expensive then going to a dollar general and paying two bucks for a whole ironing board cover and cutting pieces out.