Fourth Ride to the West.

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    Summer 2009 I departed Jonesborough, TN and met Bud and Hector in Dallas Texas. After we joined up we headed out for the west coast. On the way we visited Big Bend National Park, TX up through New Mexico picked up HY 50 in Utah and traveled it through Nevada. Yep, we got the pin. Appreciate Nevada offering it.

    We entered CA by traveling through Death Valley and discovered why it carries that name. We visited Yosemite, went up HY 1 and 101 on to Oregon.

    On our way to Crater Lake, Hector failed to complete a curve. Spent a couple of days getting him into a hospital for a busted knee. After arrangements were made to get him back home Bud headed on back to Texas.

    I continued on to Crater Lake, Mount Hood, Mt. Raineer, Mt. Saint Helens and at that point headed back to Jonesborough, TN and home.

    I left out a lot of beautiful places that we did visit but not enough time and space to mention them. I am now planning a trip next summer to Alaska. Hope to see some of you on the trip. Meeting fellow riders and talking about our adventures is one of the many great things about "hitting the road".

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    Ive lived in florida for 20 years and haven't made it on the bike to the keys. This weekend would have been nice
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