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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by DaveInPA, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. DaveInPA

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    I'm considering adding forward controls to my bike, but I have a few questions about them.

    1. How big of an effect do they have on the handling of the bike? I'm very comofortable with my bike with the standard controls going through corners .. . would forward controls make sharp corners more difficult?

    2. I know that with most parts, the genuine HD parts are the way to go. However, are there any less expensive after market forward control kits for the XL883 that are good? I want one that will allow me to use my Willie G. Skull footpegs and shifter knob, too.

    3. How difficult is installation? Should I be able to do it with the right tools, even if I have limited mechanical ability?


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    good question i have been thinking about the forward controls also i have an 05 883L. i sat on a 1200 with forward controls at the hd store in evansville. i don't think it would change the way i handle and mine but there is a differnece in sitting on and riding i'm sure. my legs still had a bend in the knee and were not anywhere close to being fully extended. the cheapest i seen is around $400.
    i'm sure we will get lots of good answers from our experts here.
  3. AugMan

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    1. the handling was not an issue for me. sharp corners are no problem.
    2. dunno
    3. dunno
  4. Hugger

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    Don't know about brands, cost or installation but I did ride several bikes while looking to buy mine and I really liked the forward controls on the one I did buy. No problems with handling/cornering and I like the way they sit you back in the seat. Straightenes your back and makes for less stress IMO.
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    You may wish to consider buying the highway pegs first, to give you an idea of the feel and comfort. I bought my bike with these on it as well as a separate set of forward controls although I have not had the desire to put them on yet as the standard controls are fine around the suburbs and I can move my feet forward on the highway.
    Best of both worlds!:s
  6. Moose

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    The controls aren't that far forward, so cornering impact isn't that great.

    I installed the HD forward controls on my wifes Nightster. The kit had everything needed. Parts were of excellent quality. In fact I was somewhat surprised by how nice the finish was on the black ones.

    Installation is pretty straight forward. I had to remove the front cylinders exhaust to hook up the brake rod. That's about as difficult as it got.
    Took me about 90 minutes total. Most of that was trying to understand the exploded parts diagram.:32: