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    Need to know how much fork oil needed in 2007 FLSTC. Have repair manual that says let Harley mechanics do .Not!
    I repaired tubes already and have Screaming Eagle heavy fork oil. Can I use this and if so how many ounces?
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    I have a 2010 ultra classic, and the service manual for (Damper valve fork type ) it ask for 10.7 oz for mine (317 ml) except for FLHR/C.
    and for FLHR/C (conventional fork type) it ask for 11 oz or325 ml and 4.92 in .
    hope that help
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    The exact amount of fork oil you need will depend on whether you are just changing the oil or you have disassembled the forks and are filling them from "dry".

    If you are just changing the oil, the best idea is to measure how much oil you drain from each side, and start with that much on the make-up. If "dry", then add the amount shown in the book and then do as below.

    Regardless of whether you are renewing the oil or filling from "dry", the key is to add (or draw out) enough oil to leave a specific "air gap" above the oil level in each side to +/- 1/8". There are tools you can buy to do this with an adjustable ring on a thick needle (SS tube) that you can set to the air gap and then siphon off the excess to get the desired air gap. But I use a piece of clear plastic tubing marked with the air gap, and my trusty mini-vac vacuum pump to draw off the excess. If your caps do not have a fill port in the center, you have to do this with the caps off (be careful when you unscrew these so the springs don't launch the caps to the moon!) and the springs out of the tubes. You also need to have the tubes compressed all the way in the forks (see the pdf below).

    The spec in the book is a starting point. You can go up or down in 1/8" measures to tune the front end to the way you like the feel.

    Easy enough.

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    I ride an '08 FLSTN and my H-D workshop manual states for '08 FLST ; FLSTN & FLSTC the forks take 13.4 fluid ounces or 395 cc's.
    It also states to use these figures if the fork is left in the frame( not disassembled). Merely a drain and change---
    It goes on to add:use 4.41 inches or 112.0 mm IF the fork is disassembled.
    Meaning, that is the level from the top of the fork tube with the spring removed and the fork fully compressed: to the upper level of the fork oil in the tube.Once you've refilled it.

    You can use whatever fork oil you choose.If you go too high a rating,your forks will be quite harsh and uncomfortable over bumps.The manual recommends( what else?) Harley type "E" fork oil #99884-80. Like I said,use Belray or Castrol or Harley or whatever.You'll know when you've gone too hard.Personally, unless I've pulled the forks off and stripped them, I just let them drain for some time and put the "left in the frame" ammounts back in.

    I think the H-D type E equates to #10 weight fork oil. THINK only because I couldn't find my bottle of Type E.

    Interestingly enough, I Googled 07 FLSTC fork oil capacities and came up with this:

    "---FLSTC/N 2007→ 13.4 395 13.4 oz / 395 ml - Fluid level: both sides 4.41” or 112 mm ③ "

    A direct quote from 'Tech Stuff' from "W & W" Cycles which substantiates the volumes listed in my '08 manual.Or that is a direct quote from The Book--

    I checked my 2008 Parts and Accessories catalogue and it states that Chrome Lower Fork Sliders p/n #46482-07 fit '07 later FLSTC and FLSTN and '08 FLSTF's.
    So I guess those capacities will work for your bike.
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    Thanks for all replies