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    Do Sportsters need a piece such as this Super Brace? It seems like a good idea but it's pricey. It looks like my '09 883 Iron has type of brace that the fender bolts to but nowhere near as stout as the Super Brace. I am wondering if this part would make the bike less twitchy at speed on uneven pavement through turns.

    Any suggestions to make the bike more stable would be appreciated. Alignment is good, changed fork oil to 15W and run 30 psi in front tire and 32 psi in rear tire. Maybe these pressures need to go up 1-2 psi.


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    Do the XL's need it no, but anytime you add support to the front forks is good and might help stabilize it better? Spec's for the 09 XL's rear tire pressure is 36 solo & 40 two up that might help a little? Also someone that has run the super brace could give you more insight.

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    Do you need one?...Personal choice, but likely not UNLESS you ride the bike under above "normal" stress conditions. A lot of development has gone into your motorcycle and it has been optimized for very good performance so it is more of a personal choice or load your bike that could affect the front end handling.

    Fork brace can improve the front fork stiffness and ensures sliders are kept parallel and defect less when cornering or encountering bumps. Easy way to show what it does, the fender brace is a stamped bent piece of sheet metal. Turn the wheel to the left or right to the lock...then gently nudge it further with your knee, just not too hard and you will see how "effective" the stock fender brace is.

    A fork brace will reduce that deflection by about 30-40%, but it has to be fitted correctly, as installing it improperly or too tightly will cause fork slider "stiction (binding within the sliders), so make sure you follow instructions and application notes carefully when you install and select one.
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