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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Jick Scott, Dec 15, 2008.

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    I've been coming here for months and don't think I've ever come across a thread related to shopping for a new touring model. Which leads me to believe that everyone is on their own when buying a new Harley. That MSRP is just that and you'll pay it, regardless of the dealer cost or economic conditions of the world. Since I've been out of the loop for around 35 years, I'd like to get back into riding and would very much like to purchase a new Road King Classic. Is this a subject that we can't get any information on in here or am I just looking in all the wrong places? Just felt like this was a good place to start. Thanks for your time.
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    Trying to get info. isn't forbidden here and I'm sure someone will give a opinion if asked, It's just everybody has a different view on the matter. What kind of info. are you looking for????
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    If you shop it around, there are many dealers that offer below MSRP in todays market also but know what the price is of the bike you are looking for and check out the "extras" like freight, prep, documentation fees and doughnut money that they are going to put on the bill before signing. Know what shipping is for your choice and also the "make ready" prices are very negotiable and some dealers will actually knock it off the bill if you haggle with them.
    After you get the best possible price on the bike, then it's time to ask for "sweetners" like some chrome pieces with installation or a free service etc. Do all this before signing and if they don't accomodate you, tell them you'll let them know and start to leave. If they don't stop you before you get to the door, keep on going and go to another dealer.

    It's worked for me every time I bought a bike.
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    You can buy a bike under MSRP... just find a bike that you really like and WANT. Like these other post have stated get OUT THE DOOR prices first and then start making an offer. If they need the cash flow and want to move inventory it's possible to save some money. Just remember that the mark up on these bikes is not 50% so don't make an unrealistic offer and be willing to sign if they take it.
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    Like others have said, ask around to different dealers, and see what they are willing to do. I bought from dealer #5 when I got mine. It was $1000 less MSRP, and they charged no dealer prep charges. 1st service was free. All said and done it was a $2100 savings for the same exact bike.
    Many dealers will install little things, and mark the price up quite a bit for them. Tell them to take them off, and you will see them back peddal a bit.
    An old saying is "a good deal is a fair price on something that you are happy with. " Saving a few hundred bucks on something you don't want never pays off in the end.
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    I found it useful to watch the sales people when I bought mine in the spring.At the dealership I purchased mine there where 2.I noticed 1 running over to the other while negotiating a sale.It became obvious to me who had the bargaining power so thats who I chose to sit down with.Turned out the top sales person was the owners daughter and commision wasnt her top priority so it was easier to haggle with her.
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    For what it's worth, We just went through the, who has the best deal. We stopped in a local dealer [35 miles away] just to look at the new RKC, They didn't have the color we wanted but did quote a price, msrp plus abs, security, and laced smooth wheels. When I ask'd about any insentives they said sure, we could each pick out a t-shirt. Wow, almost jumped right on that one. So I told the guy we're going to buy a new bike from someone and if they wanted to sell one to us they should rethink things. So after meeting the owner we were offered $500.00 in extras, I told them that was better, and would they tell me what dealer had the right color so we could look at it. said they didn't know but for a deposit they would get 1 in for us, we gave them our # and walked out. The wife was alittle up set and started calling dealers here in Wa. and than Oregon. We found portland had the color but not the abs or wheels. We decided on a road trip for the weekend to be able to see the color. The friday we were going the 1'st dealer calls to see if we were going to buy thier bike, so i told them of our trip. Thats when the price started to fall, We got a qoute from 2 dealers in the Portland area, 1 was very good, the other wanted more, with purchase order in hand we went back to local dealer and hagger'd down to an acceptable price, In the end we bought an 09 with abs, laced wheels and security for less than when we bought our 03, and of couse I shopped all over for the best price than also. Sooooo long story short, get a couple of quotes, this time of year, middle to last part of the last month of 08, the dealer will come down, if they don't, than look up American Motorcycle H-D in portland, they went down to 18,000 for the bike we wanted. there is plenty of room in the price, Good luck, ride safe
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    I live in an area (Fort Worth-Dallas) with no less than 8 dealers in the area. I took my time and shopped around. I learned the sales MANAGER will discount all extras while trying to hold the official price to MSRP. No dealer prep, no freight, discounted aftermarket (not HD) slip ons, no accessory install labor, and a big bite off the cost of the extended warranty.

    I made sure they knew that I was serious when I flipped $8,000 cash on the table. And I let them know that my credit union loan rate was the same as HD financing and I would have zero problems getting a loan for the balance.

    I made sure the salesman and sales manager knew that I was up to speed regarding HD quarterly earnings decline. Read the recent HOG quarterly SEC report, it's public data on the Internet.

    I was in no hurry and went in three times prior to bargaining. And this was back in May, prior to their recent fall off in sales.

    I'm quite happy with the deal I made. Others can probably do better. And I love my RKC! :yes
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    Exactly the kind of things I was looking for, thank you all for your time. Guess you just have to ask, huh? As you can see by the number of post, I have been able to find most of the things I've looked for when here. Sure enjoy reading all the information from those that know way more than I about Harley motorcycles. Hope to be able to buy mine by the middle of next year. Thanks again, and ride safe.