Fog Lights Again ??

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by MyfirstHarley, May 4, 2011.

  1. MyfirstHarley

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    I have done a search on fog lights and read a few of the post's seems like the first time I did a search a while back there was a post about having to much light or to much short light when adding fog lights, I would like to add these to my 04 RK police and use the siren switch on the left handle bar. I had also asked about the hotter head light bulb. Is this a bad idea? Thanks Tim
  2. Mainah

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    Can't see how too much light could be a problem. Where I ride it can get very dark and the more light you put out the better to see things like the corner you are coming up on or the little nocturnal critter wandering down the road. Moose are famous for that. So unless oncoming vehicles are driving off the road because you are blinding them I say the more the better.
  3. IBA Harley

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    The more light the better! Of course, just make sure your lights are aimed correctly so you don't blind everyone heading your way.
  4. Mavagrand

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    Some states have laws regarding the number of lights installed and visible from the front. here in Florida you can have a maximum of four lights on the front, perhaps that's what you read.