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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by DDogg, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. DDogg

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    I'm curious to find out how often you guys change the battery in your FOB's. Now, I know you don't wait till it dies and your stuck out somewhere. I'm asking because my bike was purchased last August and the orginal batteries are still in both of my FOB's. Batteries are cheap so when I was at the dealer the other day, I bought two. Dated 5/18/08. Now, how long would you say these batteries last, and how often do you change them. I would say once a year or is this really over kill.
  2. gs34

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    Don't know how long they will last. I've never had one go dead! But for the $3.00 it costs, I change mine every spring, when I am getting everything ready.
    I've been buying the CR2032 lithium batteries at Radio Shack.
    I do know that my son still has the original battery in the fob of his Fatboy and I've been telling him for the last 3 years that he needs to change it.
    I guess we'll see how long they last when he calls to find out how he's going to get home!!!!
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    I change the batteries in mine just yesterday since I got stuck in the garage!:D I just changed them last summer. SoI wouldn't trust the date on those little puppies.

    Anyway, I carry a spare set in the tour pack now with a date on 'em when I change out the FOB batteries. I'll be changing out twice a year now.
    Ugly John
  4. ProF

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    Another good reason to program in the code for when the fob isn't working/available. A few clicks on the turn signals and you're up and running (at least on the 03s).
  5. SportyHawg

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    My manual suggests once a year. Correct that if you haven't programmed your security system with your own code, you can be stranded without a working FOB.