FLSTC Front belt sprocket rubbing transmission case

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by wdweimer, Aug 25, 2008.

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    1990 FLSTC ~60K miles; original clutch, rebuilt 5-sp 20K miles ago;
    Symptom - at engine shutdown while in neutral, slight gear wind-down noise from inner, rear primary; sounded like a bad bearing

    primary chain and tensioner look fine, no metal shavings on primary drain plug
    R&R clutch bearing, but was not bad
    removed inner primary, front belt sprocket rubbing on transmission case
    rotate and manipulate main tranmission shaft and seems fine (no play, no noise)
    have heard that 1990 front sprockets were poor and that the splines wear allowing the sprocket to move; very tight tolerance to case
    plan to remove sprocket tonight and check inside splines --> splines slightly worn, but not enough to be causing problem; noticed damage to back side of sprocket during dissassembly that was causing rubbing on transmission case = $200 new sprocket to prevent future spline problem and fix rubbing
    replaced all seals and bearings in inner primary and hope low bearing growl goes away due to pilot bearing

    Anyone else experience similar problem? Bill
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    im sorry to say yes,maybe same same but different though?you kind of done the hard yards in terms of explaining things for me Bill.i think im half in the same boat as you but then again i could be sumwhere up the creek too!so to speak.i noticed a slight but very short lived resistance when pulling up to some lights on my last ride.it came and went quick az so didnt really worry me after a scan down.the bike rode fine a few minutes untill i noticed what i would say was some notchey gear changes, when i stopped at home after another minute or so i was stuck in 1st.found nuetrall in reverse but when pushed forward it would just catch a gear and the whole shifter assi jumped with every tooth that it skipped,hopped or jumped.i have had dramas finding nueteral in the past but this was in a whole new class of frustrating!!anyways when the bike is running the clutch done its job and allowed me to move the bike off the road and up on a stand.after a bit of a stern talking to the wheel freed up and i give it a spin and from the sound i was hearing,i pictured a primary chain snapped or some other loose matter getting about in the primary but after seeing everything in order after removing the outter primary cover i was lost.plus i ran outta time.next time i came to it i kinda hada look up the belt and noticed a bite mark in the bit of the front pulley,i think it may be sitting a bit skewed too? is this the reason it can only be rolled around every now n then,if your lucky?