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    Just an update. For those that didn't read the original post, I will summarize it.

    Stopped at a red light in Broward County Florida that had the sensors in the roadway. The bike wasn't heavy enough to trigger the signal, so after I waited for quite some time, I proceeded to make my left turn when no on-coming traffic was present. An officer was sitting in a parking lot watching me and as soon as I made the turn, he pulled me over and gave me a ticket.

    After much research of Florida law, I decided to plea not guilty and take my chances in court to get some clarification of what to do in the event that a light is not working properly. Basically, if I have to have a license plate issued by the state as any other motor vehicle then the red light sensor should be calibrated to detect my vehicle as well.

    I went to the preliminary hearing yesterday and asked the judge to dismiss the ticket on the basis that Florida law was not clear on what to do when a traffic signal is not functioning properly.

    The officer that ticketed me also wrote on the back of the ticket that I did stop and had my turn signal on and waited for the light to turn green and didn't proceed until it was safe to do so.

    The judge agreed (hesitantly) and dismissed the case.

    Maybe I just got lucky and caught the Judge on a good day. Maybe he was just bike friendly. I don't know but if anyone else is having this problem in Florida, you might want to give it a shot.
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    Great info.!

    You probably look like a law abiding innocent person. If I tried that I would get blamed for the 7/11 holdup two weeks ago.!!:p
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    Congrats on the good ruling.
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    ROFL, stop, my side is hurting (too funny) :lolrolling
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    Good to hear a happy outcome. Cop probably knew the light was an issue.
    The sensors don't detect weight. They go by electromagnetic fields within the circles or squares that you see at the stop line. Just entering one will set off the sensor if it's working properly.
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    Nice to see the "common sense" law kick in. So FL must not have the Left on Red rule for m/c's...like other states?
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    Congrats on the outcome :) Sometimes it pays to go to court instead of just paying the ticket.

    I was once given a speeding ticket for going 40mph (posted speed limit) in a 20 mph school zone. I also researched the Illinois law on school speed zones. It stated school speed limits are in effect "on school days when school children are present".

    I explained to the judge that since the building was no longer a school but was leased to a private individual and ran as a day care center (and I had a copy of the contract to prove it) there were no "school children" present. Therefore, by Illinois law the school speed limit was not in effect. The judge threw out the speeding ticket :)
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    Maybe I am missing something or interpreting it wrong...
    The officer watched all of this unfold, saw that the light wouldn't trip, saw that you had your signal on, saw that you turned only when safe, and documented it.....ON THE BACK OF THE TICKET?

    What kind of officer was this? To see all of this unfold and then to robotically give you a ticket anyway seems INSANE.

    I don't get it...:small3d007:
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    I was told that most lights have sensors in the pavement that sense "mass". the size of the vehicle sitting there. Bikes don't have enough mass to trip the sensor. I recently bought one of those magnets that supposedly sense more mass than is there. anyone with any experience with them. ?
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    I will echo Porter's comment, I just don't get it. The cop must have had it in for bikes or something to write you up anyway. What a pain to have to go to court on it, congrats for beating the sysytem.