Flooded Road Blown Headlight

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    I blew my headlight last weekend. Was coming back from a longtrip, got caught in a serious downpour. I was riding through a small town Sumter, SC with a good bit of traffic. The streets were flooding, not only did I get water in my boots, but toasted my head light. BP1210 h4 bulb from Napa(breat bulb), ran the same bulb for at least two years. Went back to Napa to get another, they do not stock them any more. So I put a 60w/55w in and ordered the 100w/80w online. I orderd an extra to carry with me. Big change going back to the lower wattage bulb. Will not be for long.

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    Got the osram bulb, a wide lite fans out.good. but sometimes inside of glass gets smokie so i take bulb out put rag in w/ cleaner cleans rite up.