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    Hey everyone I am just trying to see if anyone else has had this issue or heard of it. I have a 2010 FLHX The bike has 1900 miles on it and at about 1500 miles I started to feel a vibration in the floor boards at 2700 RPMs and above. It is most prominent in 3rd and 4th gears. I cant feel it in 5th or 6th. I am goin to the dealer tis afternoon to pick it up and was told yesterday that they had 3 different people ride it and they said its normal. My issue is it wasnt always like that and its getting worse. They also said the retorqued engine the engine stabilizer. If no one could feel it why was there a reason to retorque anything. Any input would be much appreciated thanks guys
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    They are probably trying to say that they did something even though they could not determine that there is a problem. I'm no expert but have you tried the quick adjustment of the primary chain tensioner? There are other members that have had vibrations/noise that this adjusment has taken care of.
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    When you are going along in 3rd and you are feeling the vibration "loud & clear",, can you pull in the clutch, let the engine idle down, and STILL feel the vibration.

    I am trying to determine if the vibration is FRAME induced or ENGINE induced.

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    I also would DO the adjustment "HELP" on your bike.. Auto Adjustor, some times Needs a little help... I doubt if this is your problem But it doesn't hurt to try...

    Look in self help... "auto chain adjuster" or click to post #10 here

    Sounds, noises, cam chain tensioners, primary oil ... what a mess! - Harley Davidson Community


    I would switch out your HD lube to "Redline Heavy Shockproof" or Spectro for 6speed.....
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    If you pull the clutch the vibration goes away instantly. Its bad enought that after a 20 minute ride my feet start to fall asleep. When I picked up the bike the service writer tried telling me that all harleys have inherent vibrations and its normal. My roadking never did it or any other touring bike I have ridden either.

    I have tried the auto adjust that you are referring to before I took it to the dealer. At 800 miles I put in spectro for 6 speed and and have since changed the primary fluid twice and adjusted the clutch too.
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    Have you changed the pipes/ muffler's? The header pipes run very close to the floor board mount and if it's touching it will give some bad vibe's.
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    So it's probably safe to say this vibration is engine induced.

    Think about this next question,,,

    Have you ever been going along down the road in say 5th gear and down shifted by accident into 2nd or 1st and let the clutch out?

    That is have you been day-dreaming while down-shifting from highway speeds into a gear that was WAY too low for the road speed you were doing?
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    Just curious as to what the results would be if this were done ?
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    A possible scissored crank. (out of plane flywheels)

    Engine induced vibration that now appears out of nowhere that was not a gradual build up. One day your running fine and the next day your vibration. Especially a vibration that does not have a resonant window and increases with RPM.
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    Also clutch hub could take a lot of abuse as well as chain and main shaft:D