FLHX 09 Jiffy Stand Question

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by skcm2006, Jun 18, 2009.

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    New to the HD and I have a question about the Jiffy Stand -

    When the bike is on its jiffy stand it does't seem 'stable' to me. When I even nudge the bike forward just a slight bump I get the impression the Jiffy Stand is going to fold up and put the bike down. Is it suppose to lock or be more stable?


  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Like Biglew said, the key is to ensure it's fully forward before leaning the bike onto it. Do NOT just take a swipe at it with your left foot and assume it's good. You must deliberately swing it forward until it won't go any further, THEN put the weight of the bike on it. I'm not trying to make it sound like a challenging process. It will absolutely become second nature after 2 or 3 times. I've even gotten to the point where I swing it all the way forward, bring my foot back an inch or so, and then bump it one more time to make sure it's as far as it can go. Like I said, I don't even think about it anymore.
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    i remember the first time i got off a bike with the jiffy stand, and it rolled forward a bit. I almost messed my shorts. i grabbed the bars in panic, and looked at the guy whos bike it was. he just smiled and said dont worry they all do that..i thought the bike was going down. i was down on all fours checking it out. now i trust em' even parked down hill. really freaked me out though, was my first ride on a FLH. really didnt wanna mess that up.
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    Had somewhat the same feeling with my first HD, way back in the day.

    Leave the bike in gear as well, the tranny locks the wheels,
    and then the jiffy stand has no problems keeping the bike up.
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    I know what you mean, I about messed my pants and did the panic grip ... I would hate to drop her.... I went out and tested it... you're all right, the stand locks and it won't fall... but man that is still scarey! :D

    Thanks guys!

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    Jiffy stand works great, matter of fact the settling point sometimes makes you have to lean the bike way to the right before she unlocks and clears the ground, if parking space is crowned.

    Still, when parked on a hill, especially downhill, I always leave her in gear out of habit...this from the auto release kickstand BMW and non locking Metric bikes I have ridden and owned, a good habit anyway, kinda like closing the throttle, hitting the kill switch, then turning the ignition off.
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    LOLOLOLOL!!!! Same here, man- EXACT same story!! I cracked up when I read this one! :D
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    I know how you feel skcm. I felt the same way too with my Ultra when I first got her but after reading Smitty's praise for the thing, I felt a little bit more at ease that it won't go sliding forward and then fall over! :(
    It hasn't failed me yet. It IS a work of art! Are you ready for this? I work with a guy who, while the bike is on the Jiffy stand, will stand on the floorboard and get on his bike. High side, or low side, it doesn't matter to him. That's confidence!! :D Just make sure it's "locked" in the tab. Try pulling back gently on your bike to ensure that the stand goes in the forward position.

    If you really want to feel scared, just wait until you jack her up for some routine service/cleaning and then, when you ease her down the bike has to right itself on the stand unassisted! You can only hope that it lands securely on the stand.You know what? It does! I worried just like you, but it has always landed securely on the stand.
    Also, if you ever check out the Ride Like a Pro video's you'll see that Jerry Palladino explain how to properly lift a fallen over bike right up and on it's Jiffy stand. (of course it depends on what SIDE the bike has fallen over on natch!):s
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  9. scootertrash

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    SARGE RULES! HD jiffys are the bomb dude! no worrys! Bike isn't going anywhere! But put a pad under it in the dirt, so it don't sink in!
  10. locodude

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    you guys know there is a safety bulletin regarding some of the 09 jiffy stands, I forgot the specifics but if you call any harley dealer they will fill you in. Mine was included and I got a new one free of charge. It really does stand the bike more upright and stable. Just thought I'd pass this on.