First Trip with the Trailer


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We took our annual 4th of July trip this time with our Bushtec trailer.
We left Spokane June 30th after work 150 miles south on 395 to Kennewick Wa for the night.
It was very windy and high gust winds from the sides.
The bike handled very well with the trailer, and the trailer never felt like the wind pushed it .
7 / 1 we continued south on 395 to Wa st rt 14 along the Columbia river to Biggs Junction. Fueled up and than south on 95 into Oregon.
This is where the wind was much stronger and at one point there was a feeling of no resistance from the trailer than a sort of a thud .
My assumption is the trailer was on 1 wheel for a second or two the landed back down.
After an hour of this we turned on to 216, the wind calmed down some and we were going along the Deschutes river and into Maupin Oregon for the next 2 nights.20200701_173048.jpg 20200701_182426.jpg 20200614_070110~8.jpg
Blue = route
Yellow = lodging
We than started east on 218.
This is a great out of the way twisting route, to follow down to 26.Screenshot_20200702-205123_Maps.jpg
We stayed in Prairie City Oregon on the 3rd.20200704_090245.jpg
From there , east on 26 to 7 into Baker City for lunch, and than made our way to Enterprise Oregon for the 4th.
We left in the morning on 3 leading to the Rattle Snake grade.
Another twisting highway to the bottom than again as you climb back up the other side. 20200705_084624.jpg
A few hours later and we were home.
This was a 700 mile circle with the trailer. And was fun to pull.
If you're ever close to the route we took you will enjoy the scenery.
Nice! A little scary thinkin that trailer had a wheel in the air.I wonder if it flipped,would it just peel off,or wouldya be draggin it?
We did have a few riders that asked how we liked the trailer and 1 guy that walked over before getting to his car and asked why we didn't just drive a car instead of pulling the trailer.
I didn't answer, figured if I had to explain why we ride he wouldn't understand.
The bike did drop to 34 mpg and left some soot on the cooler.
I have never gotten good mpg compared to my other Harley's average mileage has been 40. But it runs cool even pulling the trailer, never really felt heat from the converter .
I'm sure it could be a little leaner but not worried about it.
Hey Joel,
Looks like a good time and some nice country. It must have been really breezy to get the trailer up on one wheel yikes! Glad you had a good time, thanks for posting.