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    Well, here I am, 57 years old, been riding bikes since I was 15. Started with dirt, then moved to 4 stroke yamaha when they came out with them. Moved into viragos, then a few years ago bought a heritage. Wife wasn't as comfortable so I traded up to an 08 ultra. We have run breakfast runs, toy runs and the like. Yesterday we returned from a 1650 mile trip from Kansas to New Mexico then up through Colorado and home. I had business in New Mexico, so the bike sat for a couple of days. I had the recall notice before I left, but no parts in at the dealer, so we took off. Bike was flawless, I could not be happier. We averaged around 300 miles a day and yesterday we traveled 375 miles across eastern Co and western Ks, with a south wind along a truck route. I cannot imagine trying that on a sport bike, the wind would have blown you off the road. The cruise was a life saver, only had to roll it up on some hills, but I expected that. I am about 180 and my wife at 105, had 50 pounds of luggage. I had the shock at 30, rear tire at 40. Bike is stock. (I shipped a box of clothes down and back from New Mexico if you are wondering how a woman can go 7 days). Thought I would post for other first timers on longer trips to share my confidence builder. We are excited for our next long road trip. Thanks for all your tips on this web site.
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    buk2..glad that the trip went as it did. I am trying to talk the wife into going from wisconsin next spring down to arizonia.She does enjoy the bagger.
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    What; no pictures?
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    Thanks for posting. I really enjoy listening to you guys with your travels. I hope soon I can do the same.
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    Whatcha talkin' about ---- WIND --- in W. Ks.!!!!!!! I didn't think it ever STOPPED out there!! lol..... I used to live in E. Ks. for many years and had to go to Garden City EVERY Feb. for a seminar!!!! I'm glad your trip went well and like David just posted ----- NO PICTURES!!!!?????:newsmile053:
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    Pictures never do justice to the overall feeling of running down the road, you can't capture the wildlife, the smells, the sights. My wife did have the camera, we opted for a throw away, did not want to take the chance with the digital. We were very picky on packing, she did not get to take her lap top either, or her 20 pairs of shoes and the like. As soon as the pictures are developed I will post any ones that warrant showing. We had one outfit for riding, plus several layers of coats. One saddle bag was for the bike- cover, tools, etc, one saddle was for my clothes. She got the strap on bag and the box we shipped. The tour pak was for rain gear, leathers and summer jackets, gloves, face, neck covers, glasses and all the little stuff. She was limited on stuff she bought due to the room we had left. Of course I am not home during the day to see what she shipped home! The tips on this forum for frequent stops and what to expect were right on. On travel days we were on the road for over 8 hours, probably three of those at stops. We always road about an hour in the morning, then stopped for a full breakfast. We try to find the little cafes that give you that home cooking, avoid the chains. I only had one road incident if you want to call it that. A semi in front of me stirred up a big sheet of plastic on the road, blew right over and hit us square on, I was doing 75 at the time. Never, ever over react. I slowed down, pulled over and pulled the plastic off of us. My wifer never realized the size of that sheet until she saw me pull it off the lower fairing.