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  1. I have been riding bikes for years and this is my first Harley. On the first 1,000 service what exactly are they supposed to do. And it sounds like I have a small exhaust leak from the front pipe will they check this also.
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    Welcome aboard, on the first service they are 'supposed' to check EVERYTHING. Whether or not they do seems to depend on how good your dealer's service department actually is. So don't just assume they will, if you have a concern like a possible exhaust leak, tell them about it. And give some thought to what fluids you want to run in your machine. Dealer might tell you to use Syn 3 in all the holes, don't. OK in engine but there are better oils. Go with at least HD's Formula Plus in primary and a proper tranny fluid for the transmission. Check around this forum for ideas.
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    Welcome to the forum. As has been said, don't go with the dealers suggestion to use syn 3 in all the holes. Use a good synthetic in the engine like Mobil 1 V Twin, a good sythetic gear oil in the trans like Spectro or Amsoil, and HD Formula + in the primary. Your bike will love you for it. Most of all...enjoy that new machine!
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    First Harley, I am in same boat as you, rode for years and purchased first Harley in 08, 2009 Road King Classic. One thing I might suggest when dealing with dealer for servic, make sure all complaints show up on work order, and that they don't just say we looked at it and it's ok. I happen to deal with a dealer that has a gret rep. But I did have a problem that reoccured and they advised me that they had no record. They fixed problem at no cost, but I would make sure any concerns show up on the work order.

    Good luck with the new Harley.
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    I agree - communication is key. When initially went to my dealership service department they had a HORRIBLE service manager. I would say something and he would say "all Harley's do that". He didn't care about the customers, just his buddies. I guess there were enough of us complaining about him that he was let go with two other mechanics. All three were replaced and now the service manager is SUPER!

    A few things I would recommend
    1) have them write down your complaints on the actual work order
    2) have them go through what they did and how they did it and ask if they ran into any issues
    3) if you have something installed by them, make sure you get your old part back.
    4) I agree about getting different oil - Amsoil is my choice and my buddy runs Spectrol - you will see they are both good oil
    5) read here often to see if there are any service bulletins - I have a 2009 that had the bad tire, because of this board me and my buddy got it replaced free of charge
    6) Any questions just ask the good folks on this board.
  8. I appreciate the welcome and all the tips guys. One more question what oil does the dealer offer that is good for the bike. I bought the full maintenance plan and I thought they would pay for all fluids.
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    Formula+ for the primary. That's it. If you want the best choices for the motor and tranny use the information on this forum to decide. A little research here goes a long way!
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    Best advice I got was to get the service manual, they tell you most things you everything you need to know. Then leave you with lots of questions that you can ask here :)

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