First Accident on new bike

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by KenBratt, May 4, 2012.

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    Started out nice here in Colorado - warm, sunny, dry, clear, a perfect day for a ride and my daughter-in-law had a couple of errands to run. Off we went, completed the errands and headed for home. Doing 65 in the left lane about 4 miles from the house when up ahead a pickup loaded with large boxes of air cleaners (boxes were probably close to 2'x3'x2'). All of a sudden 4 or 5 of them come loose and next thing I know they are bouncing down the road and into my lane. Quickly veered around all but the last one which caught me in the air on the right front of the bike. Good solid hit but didn't know us down. We were able to get across the road and behind the truck, which had pulled over. Guy was probably more shaken up than I was - said all he could see as the boxes came off the truck was me in his side mirror and he thought sure I would go down. Traded info - he was a pretty nice guy, VERY apologetic, and assured me his company would pay for everything.

    Off to the Wildwest Harley in Greeley, CO. They couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. The box damaged both the right spot and right directional and mounting hardware, cracked the front roll bar and also cracked my highway peg. some very minor scuffing on the rear saddlebag. Total estimate - $1350. Called the company, they said send the estimate and they will take care of everything. Also very apologetic.

    Brand new 2012 Ultra Limited with 3400 miles - not even broken in yet...just broken :(
  2. mat 60

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    Wow...Very glad you two were ok...And you handled your self like a gentelman....I hope he is more careful how the truck is loaded..Ride safe...Mat
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    Glad you were okay in what surely must have been a nerve racking experience for you. When ever I get behind a vehicle that looks like it is carrying items that have the potential to come flying off I get very wary. The sooner I get by that vehicle the happier I am.
  4. softail41

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    Great job! It is rare that we hear of accidents that turn out this well. Be thankful no one was hurt. As much as it hurts to see a new bike with damage, remember IT can be fixed. Again, great job and thanks for sharing!
  5. tyre

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    Blessings you OK ....:)
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Glad you are OK, kind of restores your faith in people I think it was handled well, best of luck on the repairs:s
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    Glad you guys are ok! My fiancé and I went down last Sunday. No fun at all.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    Glad the two of you are OK and only the bike was damaged.

    My personal rule - avoid following ANY type of truck with ANY type of load on ANY type of road if at all possible!
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    Quote....Yes...Not even in a car for me..
  10. BUBBIE

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    GOOD job handling the obstacles. MANY would of CRASHED and not Come Out OKAY like you did.:newsmile071:

    LUCKY also for the company to be Stan-up guys...
    BUT get their "we'll take care of it in writing".

    Did the Police investigate and Site the driver of the truck.... IF NOT, that is why you should see a good amount of KISSING from the company. No ticket for the trucker would be UNUSUAL IF investigated.:D

    Good outcome.....

    That bike will be as good as new,,,,,,, Make Sure "ALL" is done to YOUR Satisfaction though...