Fire and Ice

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    Our local rally ends today and I must say how great all these folks behaved. Our local newspaper estimated 30,000 people in town for the rally and I beleive there was at least that many. The shot in the arm to our economy was felt by all. Other cities should rethink how they treat the motorcycle community. This is our tenth year and it grows every year. If you need a place to travel, Grants NM welcomes you and knows how valuable you are. NM is a biker friendly state and mid-July fills a gap between some of the more well known rallys.
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    we travel to NEW MEXICO from Lincoln, to Roswell wow one of the best kept secrets if i move i will move to New Mexico i think.
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    That is good to hear how everyone behaved themselves at the rally. Especially when there are some thirty thousand people in attendance! I think by and large most bikers these days do act accordingly. Just look at all of the diners that solicit bikers. I can name quite a few here in New England. Given these tough economic times it must be great, from a restaurants point of view, to have a bunch of bikers pulling up and ordering our huge breakfasts, lunches, dinners, whatever when we stop to eat. I can't tell you how many times we pool our money together and tip generously the waitstaff. All of the guys that I ride with are decent, hard working folks who earn a good living and are respectful of others. To be sure there are some bad apples out there but we ain't one of 'em! :s
    Hope your rally's are a success for many years to come!
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    Sounds like a good time for all:s