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    Planning a trip to the Finger Lakes area in about two weeks, is it to early for fall foilage changes? Plan to go to Hotel/motel in the area and using it as a base for 3-4 days of backroad riding. Any suggestions where to stay that will give that kind of riding, any road suggestions? Thanks
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    My sister lives near there and it's beautiful country, roads and riding. Even if you don't/can't drink, fit in a winery tour. I'd also take one overnight trip to the Adarondack mountains. I have no favorite roads, just the little ones on the map. I usually go up there in late Sep. early Oct., and the leaves are good then.
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    I live about an hour East of the Finger Lakes. Not knowing which direction you will be coming from I'll submit the following. The finger lakes are spread out a bit. You can do a lot of riding to get around them all.

    I would suggest maybe concentrating on a couple of the Lakes. At the North end there is Rt. 20. Nice up and downs and very quaint towns. A stop in Skaneateles is a must. Great food and beautiful parks right on the water. Depending on your tastes, there are High end restaurants on Rt.20 or Mid range places on the side streets.

    Almost any road heading South from Rt 20 will eventually meet up with either Rt 13 or Rt 79( Both are generally East and West roads ) from there you can run South into Interstate 86 and head either East or West depending on your preference. A mapping program will Definitely help, or just a NYS road map. Don't be afraid to take the smaller roads (east and west ) they have some nice views.

    Good luck and hope you have a good trip.
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    Start any where along RT20 ride south along east side of any lake then northon west side back to RT20.
    Look at map and find Rt14 to RT245 to Naples then either RT21 or RT64 back to RT20.
    Or RT96a to RT414 to Watkins Glen and RT14 north back to RT20.

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    We found the ride along the Western shore of Seneca Lake a bit deceiving. There are restaurants and places to stay on the water but they aren’t visible from route 14. You have to take one of the side roads to get down on the water to find them. Have a nice trip - Bob