finding VIN on 1975 FX frame;

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by tigercub, May 11, 2011.

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    HI, i looked at a 1975 FX yesterday and i couldn't find the VIN number on the frame. the frame had been powder coated and it was cracking and in some areas it was lifting from the frame.i'am interested in the bike but i won't touch it without a frame VIN.can any one tell me the exact location of the VIN, i was told it was on the right side neck but where on the neck. and if someone could post a pic or email me one that would be nice. i need to tell the owner exactly where to remove the coating to look for it.the fellow has health problems and doesn't get around to good. thanks john
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    Welcome to the forum Tigercub. The following data is from my cop book for Harley theft/recovery. 1970-1980 HD's had 9 digit matching engine and frame #'s (3/16" characters). Frame was machine stamped on the right side of steering neck usually, but not always on a raised boss. Engine was hand stamped on right case. * used before and after vin to prevent adding extra digits.
    Good luck