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    feel the same about my 08 EGC as I did about my 06 Road King. Owned the bike for well over a year now and have over 13k on it. I was afraid I had made a mistake as I just didn't feel connected to this scoot like I did my 06 Road King. Well...I got married last week in St. Augustine, Florida. True to form and despite weather reports to the contrary, it rained on the last day. Not wanting to ride with a passenger, I left early whilst the wife and family drove the van home. On the way home, I was initially miserable in the rain but once the sun came out, I was cruising down Hwy 100 into Deltona, Florida listening to the engine purring and..BOOM...suddenly felt that old connection kicking in. that feeling that all was running smoothly and, as I do my own maintenance, I was responsible for it, only made the feeling better. I am suddenly loving the 08 EGC.
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    Congratulations on your wedding! Was it in the vows that she gets her own bike?
    There's nothing better than riding side by side. Well, almost nothing! LOL
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    Congrats on the marriage. How about a pic? :D
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    Funny how all things come together when it's meant to be. New wife, new bike and new beginnings. Sounds all good and congrats for sure. :D
    Ugly John
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    Boy... you guys make me feel like a weirdo. I "bonded" with my ultra right off the bat. I loved my road king, but I dreamed of this ultra for so long, till I was glad to make the trade. I rode away from the dealership with a big grin on my face that is still there.:D