Finally got to ride my Street Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bignew, Oct 10, 2010.

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    After having my wrist destroyed in a hit and run accident in May I finally got to ride the Street Glide I bought to replace my Road King. I was nervous about riding again but the bike felt great and it definitely won't be going up for sale. I really was impressed by the sound of the Rinehart true duals when I jumped on it. I can't wait until my wrist heals some more so I can really enjoy the ride. By the end of the ride I was using my right hand to help pull in the clutch all the way at the intersections. Hand is real sore today but I won't be telling the wife that :D
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    Glad to hear you are not selling bike. Take it slow as your confidence will come back. Might want to think about hydraulic clutch option for easier clutch operation. Best of luck to you.
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    That sounds great Bignew. Glad you got out, can't say I wouldn't do the same thing, but be careful, now give yourself plenty of time to heal back up. :s
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    Good for you, be safe and Gods speed on the healing
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    Hopefully given time and a bit more practce things will get easier on you


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    Congrats on your first Steve07 said...EZ Clutch is the way to go, and adjust it so virtually no freeplay by adjusting clutch only 1 castellation and adjuster for minimum freeplay...your wrist and hands will thank you! May also want to adjust the lever (after you check the full sweep for friction zone, to see if you can move the lever a bit closer to the bar (make sure you test clutch friction zone cold to hot and lock to lock to make sure clutch release and engagement is full in range before you do this last step). And of course don't push your recovery...range and motion first, then strength as your PT recommends!
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    Welcome back to two wheels! And congrats on the new bike and for not giving up! Keep working at the healing, and hopefully you'll soon be enjoying many miles!:D
    I grew up riding horses and my Dad was always adamant about gettin' back on! When my kids and I were competing in western gymkhanas, our association would temporarily halt any event in which a rider went down. No further competition until that rider was back in the saddle and able ride out of the arena, usually to a standing ovation by fellow competitors. You'll find your fellow bikers will be equally as supportive! Cowboys are cowboys whether the horses are flesh and bone, or steel and rubber! Ride on!
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    Tank, The Redhead AKA my wife thinks all you all are great, she loves reading with me and is happy I have found a great place to spend my idle time:p
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    Congrats on getting back on...just take it slow to heal properly..:s
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    Additional info on easy clutch, though there maybe aftermarket:

    Reduced Effort Clutch Kit
    Kit includes a new clutch spring and inner/outer ramps that significantly reduce clutch lever effort. Original Equipment on '06-later Twin Cam-equipped models.

    Fits '99-'05 Twin Cam-equipped models. Stock on '06-later Twin Cam-equipped models. This kit is not compatible with Screamin' EagleĀ® Performance Parts.

    MSRP US $44.95