FI v. Carb and what models have what?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SCGamecock, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Hey guys I am not sure if I should post this here or in the engine section. I am shopping for my first Harley and am looking at the Road King for my size. I have heard good and bad things about the FI motors. Which do you guys prefer? When was the switch to FI? What are the advantages\disadvantages?

    I have heard that FI bikes hurt the doit yourselfer. Example: you can only do slip ons and not full exhaust due to the PCM needing to be reflashed. True???

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    I believe that 04 was the last year that included some FLHR bikes. I would advise to stay clear of the early FI bikes. Nothing wrong with the later FI bikes. Plenty of options for you to tune the fuel injection with a multitude of devices for varying amounts of money. I too shopped specifically for a carb'ed bike and I do not regret it. I love my carb. That being said the carb'ed bikes are getting older and harder to find in decent shape. If I ever buy another bagger it will most probably be FI. Check out the self help section and you can read study for days on the carb/FI topic.

    Roll Tide!
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    01 and older used the Magna Morelli injection system which in my opinon
    was not worth a grian of salt - but from 02 and up they went to the Delphi system which if I'm not mistaken is the same FI system that
    gm products use and has proven to be a very good system.
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    Even thought it was always fun seeing if I could rebuild a carb w/no spare parts...FI bikes are the way to go (IMO). All you need, for the DIY maint., is add a tuner.
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    Hi SC.. I have an 02 RoadKing Classic FLHRCI that is FI and I Love it. I put a Vance & Hines true Dual exhaust on without remapping. I am a Mech by trade and don't want to work on my Bike on days off.. Just Ride... Just my opinion