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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Just installed one of these Ride Time Technology - 48 LED Super Fender Tip Light on my rear fender. Nice addition to my bike, easy install and it really lights up the rear end. Got it delivered in 3 days and had no problems with the install. It is a replacement for that little 4 watt installed at the factory and acts as an additional brake light. I hit my brakes now and I have four (count em) four lights activating (my dealer installs the brake/turn conversation kit on every bike they sell). Next, I wanna get one of those LED light bars that install on the bottom of the tour pack and, finally, one of those flasher thingys that pulsate when you apply the brakes...figure that should pretty well keep me visible to the cages behind me. Ride safe.
    2008 Electra Glide Classic
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    HEre ya go. Sorry for the poor quality..not camera savvy. It is also 80*, bright and sunny here in Florida. One photo is with the brakes/lights off..you can see the LEDs on the fender tip. One photo is in the running mode, the other is with brakes on. Dont ask me why the lens' look amber with the lights on..they are all red. IT looks MUCH better in person, the pix dont do it justice, the rear end is really light up with these. OOps sorry, see the attachments didn't take..hole on...let me try again..Sorry Hobbitt can't get the site to accept my pix says they are too big.
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    That's nice looking :D
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    Had these one for a few weeks now and like them even more. They are holding up nice and are visible. Highly recommend them if anyone is in the market for additional lighting.

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    FYI, for those unfamiliar with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, the advantages of modern LED lighting are: :D

    1) very small size (chip/junction is smaller than a pin head, the diffuser lens is what makes them manageable and widens illumination angle),

    2) low power consumption vs brightness in candelas (candle power vs distance),

    3) very long life and virtually maintenance free, finally,

    4) technology has made their inherent design resistant to vibration and environmental shock.