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    I recently acquired a 2000 FXD WG I attempted to install a battery tender in doing so I had to remove the battery to get access the positive side shorted against the frame during the removal and after I was able to put the battery back in place and get everything cinched up I no longer have a working speedometer Norred my brake lights do not work and the turn signals quit functioning can you tell me what's involved
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    You need to find fuse box and start by checking fuses...
    This may help:
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    Check your main fuse

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    Doubt any fuses blown, shorting battery to ground will hurt battery but not fuses.
    Shorting after fuse will blow fuse, not shorting before fuse.
    Not sure on your other issue(s).

    P,S, As you probably know now, always remove ground first then positive.
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    Guess I am a fool when it comes to electricity
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    Nah, I would not go that far... electrons are elusive at times :)
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    Well I have a 2000 FXDWG, and when you said battery charger, no speedometer, no brake lights, and it the engine light is on.. I went through the same problem, and it turned out to be the charging system. In my case the regulator was bad. Replacing it solved many problems. You would never think that would kill the speedometer, it dose. The failed regulator in my case was a symptom of other problems I was not aware of at the time. I just replaced the charging system in my FXDWG myself with a kit. Stator, Rotor, and Regulator. After installation it still was not charging. I had to sand the paint off where the regulator ground is made to got a good ground. The stator will burn up trying to keep a bad battery charged. It can also burn the regulator due to the same reason. A bad ground will give you a headache trying to figure it out. Many times its the ground on the battery terminal that's loose, and that will not charge either.. You have a seventeen year old bike, its a damn good bike too. But old school bikes need things replaced. This was the first time I pulled any cover on my bike, and had the new parts installed in one day. It took a second day to find the ground problem of the regulator to the frame.. I cant press that little issue enough. Find the weak link in the charging system, and all those things you mentioned will be resolved...
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    I think Barnstormer has it about covered.:) Don't beat yourself up about grounding out the battery, I have an 05' and I know how tight the fit is around the battery:mad:.