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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by DannyDFlip, Jan 23, 2015.

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    My father owned a 95th anniversary flhtci harley. It was his everything and unfortunately he has passed away. I am trying to figure out what this bike is worth. I would have loved to keep it but in our financial situation we must get rid of it. I am more then heartbroken and i couldn't even express to you the love he had for this bike. He wasnt a general biker he actually took it on long cross country rides. I know the bike may have a good amount of miles on it but he was a great owner. All original parts all original paint even touch up paint was ordered from harley themselves since he worked for them for a couple years. I dont want to say it but it seems like the decision is made and we must sell. I was wondering if i could get someobodys advice on what i should do whom to go to and how much this bike may be worth. From the research i have done and the few people i have talked to they are figuring around 8-9000. He was an avid collector also throught the years and has ammased a huge collection of 95th anniversary memorabilia. If i were to try to sell his bike and the collection i have no idea what to even ask for. If anyone has any advice i would be greatfull to hear it. Please and thank you
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    You'll never get the sentimental value out of it so you'll have to see what book value is as Bodeen quoted and see where it takes you. Sounds like a lot of memories are attached to the bike but unfortunately that won't add to the value. Good luck.
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    If there is any way that you can keep bike knowing that the book retail value is around $6200.00 which is a price that a dealer would sell bike for. Do become dismayed that it is a 95th anniversary model for that designation does not mean much at all in garnering a higher price. Also you stated that bike has high miles though cared for to obtain those miles will not help also. So you need to be realistic and in the end the monies you are trying to obtain to offset financial distress may not all come from selling this bike and it maybe better to keep bike in the family and find another option.
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    You might also try listing the memorabilia on Ebay. Start everything at a buck and it will go from there. Plenty of HD "stuff" buyers on there.
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    With a reserve figure you have in mind. There may be a collector out there looking for that bike
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    That's actually a fair price > 6200/7500 for a 20yo bike .. Nostalgia will only go so far !!