Fallen Marine serving in Afghanistan

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    I thought I would post up this fine soldier's data. He is my PGR mission (today) and 2nd one in 2 weeks. I will be leaving out about 4:30 this afternoon headed towards Thonotosassa. This will be my first time driving a cage to a mission, but I am so tired of washing Love Bugs out of all the cracks on my bike I'm just gonna drive the cage. There won't be a run tonight anyhow it's just a viewing service.

    Lance Cpl. Ronald Douglas “Doug” Freeman, US Marine Corp.
    Age 25, died on April 28, 2011 while conducting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. That was also his daughter’s first birthday and 10 days after his son was born.

    A longtime Plant City area resident, Doug was a graduate of Plant City High School, a member of East Thonotosassa Baptist Church, a loving husband, father and a proud member of the United States Marine Corps.

    We have lost another member of our finest citizens. I doubt the Afghans will ever appreciate what these brave men are dying for. Life is different there. But join me in saluting and giving honor to this fine gentleman who gave his all for freedom of mankind from oppresion. May God have mercy on his wife and kids.
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    Dear LORD watch over this family. & Give them the strength to weather such a difficult time. Thank you PGRs for being the guardians .
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    Stand down Marine. Your mission is over. Rest in Gods grace.
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    God Bless this American Warrior
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    RIP America is safe tonight
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    I salute you Lance cpl. Freeman. Although your mission to provide this Country its freedom is over you will never be forgotten. May you take your place next to all the other fellow Hero's that have given the ultimate sacrifice. It is only because of people like "Doug" that allow us to live our lives the way we do. I pray that as he enters the Kingdom of Heaven he will forever be known as a Hero that gave his all! My prayers go out to the family and the tears that fall will be in his Honor. God Bless you Son and God Bless America. Thank you Dave for your patriotism an for sharing this with me.
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    Well I'm sure 'Dougie' as the family told us he was called, will look down and thank you fellers for your kinds words and his family was very nice and appreciates it also I'm sure. I did not get back into town till 9pm tonight.

    I have always felt bad for young soldier's wives and kids when they are killed like this. I know in the old days the death payoff for a soldier was minimal. Then about 10yrs ago I heard that if a soldier payed extra out of his check there was a death benefit payoff of an hundred grand (you current military guys correct me if I'm misinformed). That is not much but at least enough to cushion the poor wife for a while. Imagine a a young wife with two young kids and her husband was just killed. It has got to be a hard situation.

    I personally think the same payoff as civilain worker's comp death benefit (which last I checked was a hundred grand) should be included in the soldier's benefits by default and he should not have to pay extra for it. But that's just me. Don't want to go political here, but hoping the best for his poor wife and kids.
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    RIP Marine, Prayers for your family.
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    May he rest in peace, his war is over..SALUTE! Thank you for the PGR mission!
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    Thanks RWB. I'm also a Patriot Guard rider. It's the least we can do for our fallen heros.