Fair price for a 1956 rolling chasis?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by JimBeam, May 12, 2011.

  1. JimBeam

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    First off, I'm a newbie but I've been bitten by the HD bug recently after seeing an Iron 883. I've been looking in my area and I've come across a 1956 rolling chasis. I don't want to post the price because I'd like to hear fair opinions on what I should offer - IMO the seller is looking for a miracle, but I may be wrong.

    I realize that there's a world of difference between this bike and a new Iron 883 but I have a large workspace, smarter than the average bear and I've been looking for a project. What do y'all think about this bike?

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  2. JBC2565

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    Don't know anything about price but make sure it has a vin#. Have heard it's real hard to title without the vin# already on bike. Just an FYI.
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  3. HDDon

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    How about a little more info on the rolling chasis. Is this a stock Harley frame? With the horseshoe oil tank and the gusset at the neck it looks aftermarket. I can't really see the trans but it looks like an older ratchet top. Do you know what type of shape the trans is in? Is there any rust on the wheel rims or spokes? Do you know is the frame is set up for a Pan, Shovel or Evo engine?
  4. Crocker

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    No disrespect Sir, but what makes this a 1956,nothing but the frame might be 56, if it can be ID as a 56 it has been cut (raked), also tabs removed ,neck is molded so really cant tell to much from the picture you posted,but this frame to most early HD builders again no disrespect here but I would also consider this to be Yard art ( waste of a good frame), if looking to do a 56 OEM HD restore it would cost at the min 30,000 there are many better 56 out there to start with, but if your lookin to for parts build with a lot of after market parts to keep the build n the cheep then there is somewhat of a start there if you like what has been done so far . I have a 57 I have been building for countless years now and it is not easy finding correct oem hd parts ,for example I just found correct handlebars for my 57 , Price $400.00
  5. JimBeam

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    You guys dont have to worry about offending me, I havent bought this yet :D The owner wants $2500 for this and I thought that was VERY optimistic - it looks like you guys would agree with that, so my instincts were close.

    I appreciate all the insight - thanks!
  6. blademan

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    From what I can see in the picture the forks are not even Harley, at least they appear to be upside down.
  7. JimBeam

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    Good point. I was going to mention that. From the other 56 I've seen, the forks didnt seem right
  8. Bodeen

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    Oh WOW! Way to much.

  9. The4opps1

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    All of the posts so far offer great information. Consider also checking a site like Ebay and making some comparisons. There are few opportunities in life where you have to "jump" at the offer or you loose it. Take your time. The fact that no one has gobbled this thing up to date should be another indicator that the price and what he's offering for the price may be a tad too high. Remember something my grandfather used to preach to me:"when in doubt, do without". Good luck....
  10. tell em to pay you 25 bux an you'll take it off his hands............................... next