extended warranty and cam tensioners

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    i take very good care of the bike but it is now about time for the cam tensioners to start showing wear and for now they are fine. Will the extended warranty i bought cover them? i read somewhere that they have to actually fail before it will cover. And since there is only a $50 "copay"

    My questions are;

    1) Should i go ahead and replace or wait until they actually go out and tear up other things?

    2) Will the warranty also cover anything else that went bad because of the tensioners if they fail?

    The bike is more or less my daily driver, on average of about 12000 a year. dont ride in the snow or if temps get down below 32* and dont ride if its pouring down rain before i leave the house.
  2. RibEye

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    I do not believe preemptive work is covered. She will likely have to fail before they will pay for anything, unless you can show that wear is well beyond acceptable. You will have to pay them to go in and look.

    If they fail, I have seen them try to blame some of the engine damage on normal wear and tear. In the case I saw, they made the owner pay for the top end repairs out of pocket, and the scoot needed a complete top end (pistons, jugs, heads, etc.). In the end, they found ways to only pay out what had been paid in. If she blows up, I would opt for a factory reman. The dealer will advocate against it, for their own financial benefit. You might get more of the work covered if the factory does it, but I am only guessing here.

    How much wear do you have? How many miles do you have on her?

    Rich P
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    I went through the samething last year, took my bike in for the inspection and they told me that they we're at about 50%. ESP will not pay for replacement unless they fail, dosen't make much sence but they will cover any damage done my the failure of the tensioners so I decided to let her go and if the fail while under warranty so be it, I'll get a new engine.