Exhaust replacement suggestions

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Biffy08, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Biffy08

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    I am hoping for some suggestions for replacing the complete exhaust system or modifying the stock set up with slip-on mufflers, etc. The bike is a 2014 Street Glide with 400 miles. I am looking more for performance; i.e. change the lean factory settings, about the same fuel economy, and make it louder at speed, not to the point of waking my neighbors on early mornings. I don't want a loud idle. I am on a budget so minimum outgoing $ would be best. Any other tips that may coincide would also be appreciated.
    My questions are:
    1. Get through the break-in period (though I have done the 30 - 60 mph as recommended)
    2. 2 into 1 or slip-ons (brand names)
    3. Breather system (brand names)
    4. Tuner brand
    5. Have it dynoed
    6. Pricing and best place to purchase the items
    7. Leave the bike stock and save the money
  2. hillbilly81

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    well a full 2 into 1 system and a good hi flo intake and a tuner would sure cool it down and make it come alive about 1300 bucks for those mods if you do it you self screaming eagle arlen ness and zippers all good intakes I have had all 3 on different bikes I gave 670 bucks for my Vance Hines 2 in 1 full exhaust a few months back
  3. RUSHMORE_14

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    I'm using Reinhart slip-ons, nice low rumble. On Garden State Parkway and other roads where I open it up it sounds great yet not ear-bleeding. I also like the Vance & Hines (VO2) air intake. I used it on my previous Heritage. Going to it again on my RKC
    Also, Ive learned that doing the work yourself REALLY saves you $$$$, (as long as you have time and patience)
    Good Luck.