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    I'm a new rider but I read some things that concern me. With always taking a passenger and our gear, we're right at 400 pounds. My bike seems to handle us fine...Dyna Super Glide Custom....but from what I read I'm carrying a dangerous amount of weight. Should my next bike be rigged for one person only?

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    If you're always carrying a passenger, you should consider a touring frame, the capacity would suit you and your passenger adequately.
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    Are you looking for a way to convince your passenger to get their own ride?:D

    There are a few choices/ideas: 1) get your passenger their own bike,
    2) re-evaluate what gear you really need,
    3) trade up to a touring model,
    4) get a small trailer to hold your gear which will remove the majority of gear loading from your rear suspension.
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    I read your question as payload capacity not comfort. I would only use tires with load index numbers of 78,,79. Keep those pressures up and set them to the tire manufacture spec not the owners manual. (unless of course you have the exact tire that came with the bike from the factory)

    I ride 2 up with a combined weight of 400 also. (Ms Hoople has some junk in the trunk :)). My rear tire has a load index of 79 (963 lbs). It sounds like a bunch but it is not when you factor in all of the numbers and applied forces. I have Metzelers tires. Metzeler 880's must be run with 45-48 PSI cold. Not even close to what the owners manual says.

    The index number is stamped on the tire. Example 160/70B17 TL 79V
    Index charts are available on tire web sites.

    Any size bike is dangerous with the incorrect tires. Get the highest index number you can find in the tire size you need.
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    Great link Rubyred.:bigsmiley12:

    Moderators: If this isn't already in the Self Help Tips, I think it would be a useful addition..
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    Welcome to the forum Perry. Being a new rider, you may not know that your rear shocks have adjustable spring tension preload. It's important to have enough preload so the shocks don't bottom out on large bumps. Your owners manual should have some info about setting preload. Or you can come here and ask.