Evo intake seal part #'s

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    I'm going to purchase the intake alignment tool from HD (40054-01) cause I think I didn't get the intake straight a few months back when I changed my intake seals. The reason I think this is a few trips after the repair, the enrichener doesn't make the bike fast idle much like I remember. The rubber sleeve for the carb to intake looked good, but I'm gonna get a fresh one any way. I had been using James seals in the past, but I want to try some OEM ones this time. In research, I found 3 different variations to the intake seal part number.........26995-86A, 86B, & 86C ? The 86C appears to be a flange gasket to be used with what intake I don't know ? I have the stock intake, so which of these part # is the best to use ?

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    The a/b/c/ is the latest version of the seal that has been upgraded. The "C" is the last revision and the newest version.