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    Just sat and watched the Eurovision song contest once again and are waiting for the results many fine songs this year some perhaps not so good but as usual I expect voting will be not for the best song but which country countries are closest in allegiance with
    I am Scottish wife is German but we were both brought up with the Eurovision as good family night in together so we have our favourite song but Grumpy German decided we would vote for Denmark although I liked Iceland
    Many good bands and songs over the years perhaps it is not available on the other side of the pond if not you have missed a good night of good bad and indifferent entertainment that has a life of its own

  2. Jack Klarich

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    Sounds alot like our version of The Voice and American Idol, sure is alot of GOOD talent out there
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    Jack Euro vision is nothing like the voice or american idol - Eurovision is usually aimed at the alternative lifestyles and 2 of my very good friends have spent the run up to it with pictures and updates and OMG !!!!!!! and then on the night videos of them singing and dancing - one of them for reference is a performing artist (rather an excellent drag queen) - and considering it was won by a what looked like a drag queen with a beard - says it all
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    Glad that is not on here in the USA
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    OHHH BOY, thanks for clearing that up, SO it is like Monty Python LOL
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    I had the same experience