ETC problem 08 RoadKing

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Pirate55, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Pirate55

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    I have intermittent, recurring issue with ETC going to limited performance mode, engine check lamp comes on and cruise control disconnects. I have had both cruise control switches replaced ( by qualified HD trained mechanic )and he has found no fault code to establish the issue. I believe this is first model with ride by wire, is there anything specific you can suggest.:newsmile011:
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    Unplug the wires going into the throttle body and clean, reapply dielectric grease and see if that helps.
  3. Hoople

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    Both can't be true. If the engine Check Light comes ON,, you have a stored code. You need to first know what the ECM thinks went wrong.
  4. Pirate55

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    Thanks guys have found fault code using speedo diagnostic and numbers that show are not listed in fault codes. the numbers come up in P flashing and are P1510 and when P is pressed again it gives P2138. I have cleared these codes and rechecked diag bike runs fine then after a couple of starts the check lamp comes on again and the fault codes return. Does anybody know of these codes. :bigsmiley33:

    Thanks Tank have codes P1510 and P2138 showing, these arent in the DTC list, I have cleared them, run the bike but they reappear after a few starts.
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  5. orgredneck

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    P1510 - Throttle actuation control management (limited performance mode)

    P2138 - Throttle actuation control correlation error (2008 - 2009 models)

    One of your twist grip sensor wires is shorted OR has come apart. Either will cause this failure.

    Looking at the schematic, you should measure ground on pins 1 and 4. You should measure 5 volts on pins 6 and 3.
    Then at idle, you should measure either 5 volts or 0 volts on pins 5 and 2. As you roll on the throttle, the pin that measured 5 volts should slowly drop in voltage. The pin that measured 0 volts should slowly rise in voltage.

    At any given point, if you add the two voltages, you should get approx 5 volts total
  6. mrwizz

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    The first time I pulled the tank on my 09 flhtc when it only had a few thousand miles on it. Found the harness to the TCA was rubbing on the front head and had already worn through casing. Could have been a problem later on...just something else to check.
  7. Lancer

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    Try this first!!!!!!!!!

    I do this at every 5k service/pm now.
  8. Pirate55

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    Thanks again Tank and other guys will try these suggestions and should fix problem.