Eric Zapata LEO KIA

Discussion in 'Patriot Guard Missions' started by Dr.Evil, May 31, 2011.

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    Sorry, this was not an official PGR mission, but many PGR members were in attendance for this ride.

    KALAMAZOO -- About 500 bikers turned out Saturday for the First annual EZ memorial ride for fallen heroes. They hope to hold it every year. This year it was a charity ride for the family of slain public safety officer Eric Zapata.

    Eric was the first Officer killed in the line of duty in Kalamazoo MI in more than 100 years.

    I will post some pics of the ride soon.
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    Hey I'll be honest with you, law enforcement and firepersons are standing the line for us also. They may have clean sheets to sleep on every nite and it might not be the same as living in a combat zone, but none the less they put it all on the line. We've had 3 cops killed in action this spring where I live.