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    I just finished one of those rides that I will never forget. It was a beautiful 60 degree February day in Virgina and my wife wanted to go for a ride...Me on my Road King and her on here Sporty Custom. We also wanted to test our our new Scala Rider Q2 Headsets. When we got out we realized that it was WAY!!! Windy. I asked her if she wanted to turn back but she said now way. We hit some gusts that I thought were going to knock us over. A little instruction via the headsets (which worked great) about countersteering into the wind and she did great.

    Then came the real test. To get back home after a 130 mile ride we had to cross the James River Bridge. This is about a 7 mile bridge over the water with grating at the peak. She said she was up for it so we headed over. Wind was the worst I ever rode in and several small Speed Bikes were holdind on for dear life. I heard a few "oh my god's" in my earphone but she made it across like a trooper.

    That was the first time she ever rode in the wind and she took it as a great experience. Just thought I would share that.

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    First ride in heavy wind and bridge mesh roadway is ehhh a bit pulse pounding, but the key is to keep your arms and hands..."flexible but firm...do not LOCK your elbows and keep your arms bent slightly to absorb the jutter and you will be fine...when that grating is icy is when things got exciting, I was glad I kept my arms and elbows loose so as soon as grip returned to the tires, i could gently ease away from the guard rails...really not the time to have a white knuckle moment!:shock
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    Sounds like you are both ready for the 7 mile bridge in the Keys, Happy riding :s
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    They may be ready for the seven mile, but have you tried the new Sunshine Skyway on a windy day???
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Is that the one in Tampa?
  6. HDDon

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    That's the one. If the wind gets over 25mph they stop traffic. I think the day I went over the wind was 24mph. Just looking at the height is a little intimidating, but when you get to the top and start down it's a thrill ride.
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    Yeah did that on the long way to the Keys one year WOW:p
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    Didn't mean to take over your thread. Congradulations on you and your wife's ride. Riding in all types of weather takes practice and concentration. Sounds like you and your wife communicate well. She also sounds like a gamer and a keeper!!!
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    Glad your wife did well bikernick.
    Same thing in Northern VA. We had gusts up to 60 mph.
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    Good for you and your wife on what must have truly been a white knuckle ride. My wife is afraid of bridges period. Whenever I cross the Jamestown Bridge in Rhode Island she gets all antsy. Gephyrophobia: fear of bridges. That's what she has. There is no way I could cross a bridge with her on the bike! :p