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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tubguy, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. tubguy

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    Hello members! It's been a long time for a post from me.
    I have a 2010 ultra with a 96 stage one, looking to up grade. There's a couple options I've been thinking of first up grade my current 96 or changing it to a 110 or I've even consider going right to the 120. Has anyone got the 120 and if so your thoughts is it too much. I won't be racing but sure would be nice to show some of these rice rockets who's really boss. I'll also be riding 2 up with a trailer in the spring.

    Any feedback would be great.

    Thanks Darin
  2. DFHarley19

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    BUBBIE had his 96 engine upgraded to 103 and his mpg is very impressive! Maybe you should try his way? Let's see if BUBBIE will drop by here and chime in his experience. I am thinking of upgrade my 96 engine similar to his. I just want to be able to climb up hill with a trailer without a problem.
  3. tubguy

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    The 96 upgrade is an option. If I go with the 120 it's 11k. That's through the dealer.
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    The question I have do you want a reliable long touring machine or a hard charging bike that will need constant attention. Have you considered the additional mods that will be needed for the trans and clutch when and if you go way big? And 11k with out all the necessary upgrades seems a bit excessive for the 120. The 120R lists for $5700.00 for engine.....

    From Screaming Eagle catalog:

    requires separate purchase of appropriate Screamin’ eagle
    throttle body, high-flow injectors and a high-performance
    clutch upgrade. Just add your choice of race exhaust, highflow
    air cleaner, and tuning. for race application only.
    19220-12 Black & Chrome. $5,695.95
    Fits ’06-later Dyna® and ’07-later touring models. ’06-’11
    Dyna and ’07-’10 touring models require separate purchase
    of Compensator P/n 40274-08A.
  5. Jeff Klarich

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    11K is even excessive for a dealership, you can do a upgrade a lot cheaper then that.
  6. dolt

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    Best bang for the buck would be to upgrade to 107", headwork, compatible cam set, exhaust upgrade, flash tuner and tune. Cam choice for a touring model pulling a trailer will be different from the cam one would select for a solo ride, so keep that in mind. 115TQ/110HP numbers are easily achieved; a torque cam set and exhaust could see 120TQ/105HP which is probably more suitable for touring/trailer configuration. As has been pointed out, you will need to upgrade the clutch and inner cam bearings as well.

    Done right, the cost would be less than half of the $11K for a 120R motor and, IMHO, longevity and reliability fall on the side of upgrading your 96" motor. :s JMHO.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    New 103" build:

    SE flattops
    bored using seasoned cylinders, fitted pistons and rings by prodrg1320 Kirby

    New cam bearings and new se255 cams
    gaterman lifters / SE slender tapered adj PRods

    Heads by Don Dorfman Mainly stock and Blueprinted, M. PR added
    shaved a bit for good .040 squish and singh-grooved **
    **(Singh grooves in cylinder head Speed Talk)
    Running about 193/195 ccc up here at 4400"

    V&H slip-ons... Not true duals...but Both Mufflers not the can.

    SE pro off road Tuner using a 2011-12 starter map from HD for 103 and my se cams then modified to run Great in my ride using my PC and the HD Down-loaded program for tuning the SE tuner.

    Just seems to run STRONG for this build.

    Mileage is 45 for about ALL riding... Example
    freeway 80 MPH single or double solid 45 MPG
    Loaded down and double, trip around two lanes and freeways 65/80 STILL 44 to 46 MPG

    NO it is not running Lean.:s

    That is Kinda where I am...

    Cost.. using all my labor... about 1800$$$

    SE air box and V&H slip-ons Already had on the bike...

    Parts below:
    SE pro off road Tuner with tuning package (wires)
    SE slender tapers adj PRods
    Gaterman lifters (or use SnS at 129$)
    SE 255 cams/bearings
    Gasket set (.030 head gasket)

    SE flattops using MY seasoned cylinders,
    bored and all fitted by pordrag1320 Kirby (best guy)

    Heads by Don Dorfman (best guy)

    MY Heads were not exchanged, I bought them from Don Dorfman....
    I allowed the Difference for that in my Pricing above using his Street Port: furnish you old heads or ? exchange?.

    About 100+ HP and 110 torque... I'm going to do another Dyno and will post the results from MY Own tuning..

    That is about it...

  8. DFHarley19

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    BUBBIE, Thank you for sharing with us! $1800 for all! I would like to have like that in near future. Thanks again!
  9. Bodeen

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    Just curious Bubbie, why Kirby for the cylinders and not the heads or vice verse?
  10. dolt

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    Should have added that if you do the work as Bubbie did, you should be able to get her done for about $2000.