Engine Light comes on loose throttle

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by tubguy, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Hope someone can help.

    I have a 2010 Ultra with a 96.
    This morning driving down the highway my service light came on and I lost throttle power, it idles at 1200 but theres no response with the throttle. I pull over look around for loose wires, start it back up and runs fine. This happened 5 times in a short period.

    I disconnected the battery switched ignition on and off, started it up and had no problems heading back to town. The problem is Im on a trip and not close to home.

    2 Days ago I did hit 6 hours of rain but had no issues and even went on a 300km ride the next day in 90f weather and no prblems. Just happened out of the blue.

    Any quick fix solutions?

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    Took of air cleaner and no issues with water, and had previous disconnected the computer.

    Just took it for a ride with no problems at all, i did notice it was using more fuel than usual. I have a Dobeck TFI installed could this be the problem, its about 4 years old?
    I do think Ill take it To Harley get them to do a computer diagnostics, if there are codes can I get them to clear any?
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    That was my question, did you throw any codes? and if so what codes.
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    Here is a more up to date trouble code
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    You can use this link to scan for codes