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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Billbo, Jun 6, 2011.

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    OK - I asked this question before - but now again. 2001 Heritage - I have the aftermarket oil dipstick with the temp knob on top. I have checked my temps against that dipstick using a candy thermometer - both indicated the same temps so I hope the dipstick is working properly. My question is this - after riding hours in 90+ temps - the HOTTEST I have ever read on my dipstick therm is ~200 ... maybe 210 MAX. Should I just shut up and be pleased with the low temps or do I have a concern - I have read here that others have temps up even above 300+ degrees and all that is pretty much normal. BTW my fuel mileage is a consistant 46-50 mpg.

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    I would say you have it made. I have a friend who has a 2002 Softail and he has the same low temps. Not as low as yours (his are 225* but still very low). I could not believe it and crossed checked them with my own instruments. They were that low.

    I will wager to say these 300* temps you now see, all began with the 1584 (96") engine. These 96 engine (such as my own) are screaming hot running engines. And it is not all due to the A/F ratio's because I have my engine very fat and it is still hot.

    (I don't know what a candy thermometer is. I would use a long glass lab quality thermo myself)
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    Both thermometers could be out of sync. You can test by A) boiling water and checking for 212 or B) fill a glass with lots of ice and water and check for 32. (100 and 0 for all you celsius folks).
    This is how I check my thermometers for work (Chef).
    Both could be right and you just have a cool running bike.
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    I just got back from a 100 mile ride in 96° temps. on my '07 FLHTC (stage 1 on the "rich" side). At 55mph, it stayed on 240°, climbed to 250-260 when I hit town. A factor that MAY cause some oil temp differences (besides the 96 " engine) is the Softails have sheet metal oil tanks mounted away from the engine cases enabling better heat dissipation than the tanks that are attached to the bottom of the engine/trans?? As long as my Mobil1 V-Twin oil stays below 300° I'm not worrying.
    Hoople; A candy thermometer is like a lab thermometer, usually has a clip to hold on the side of a pan that is melting sugar/water for candy.
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    my 04 fatboy runs about 260 and I have a cooler and also running kinda fat.
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    I've got an 05 RG 88" and an oil cooler and I see temps in the 190 to 210 on 95* days. My 94 FLSTC 80" EVO runs in the same range. I just consider myself lucky that I don't see the 250 to 290 temps some see.
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    I have not seen my oil temp much above 150 this year so far in mid summer gets 180 - 200 when it is hot thats on 1992 softail with evo engine

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    glass thermo used to measure temps of melting sugar -milk etc for making candy - goes up to 400 degrees. We also use the metal thermos to put on fish fry pots/pans - they go up to about 400 degrees too - I have used both and the dipstick seems to be close enough to both of them to have confidence in.
    Thanks for the input.

    I have done the boiling method of checking too - at boiling - it actually showed about 210 degrees, again, I thought that was close enough.
    Thanks for you input also,

    Bill (just not worried anymore)
    Now if I can just get the oil levels right using that dipstick with bike on kickstand!!!
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    I have a 2008 fatboy with the 110 big bore kit installed with the HD oil cooler my oil temp will max out at 215 on 90 deg days
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    Thats too hot. Im running a trike with lowers on. I added the Jagg 10 row oil cooler and with a fan that pulls the air through the cooler and expels it underneath the engine. Ive a 113 Ultima engine in it. Thats a 1851cc. At a constant 70 mph on a 90+ degree temperature day. My oil temp is 215 at it's highest. That Jagg cooler with the fan is about 200 bucks and the cooler is USA made. Where as the fan is made in Italy. I will not add no more Chinese junk to my scoot.