engine dies after high speed cruising

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    I ride a 2001 ultra with a stage II kit. The bike has 80000 miles on it. When cruising home after work on the interstate at speeds around 70 or 80 mph the engine will die as I come to a stop at a red light after exiting the interstate.

    If I take the back roads home I rarely reach speeds above 60 mph and the engine does not stall at stop signs.

    After the engine stalls it restarts easily. Some times just before coming to a stop I can blip the throttle to keep it running.

    After I restart it or blip the throttle to keep in running it does not try to stall.

    Things I have noticed that may help with diagnostics.

    Once the engine tone changed like the back cylinder dropped out. Only exhaust sound out of right hand pipe. This does not happen every time and it only happened once.

    It seems like the engine has more power when cold. Throttle response is not as strong when hot. This happens wether I ride on the interstate or the back roads.

    The hot idle is low, around 700 rpm.

    Cold idle is fine in the mornings and with each cold start.

    The bike gets around 44 mpg. It drops to less than 40 mpg with cool temps. Cool temps are anything below 50 degrees.

    I need to make repairs my self as I do not have extra money to pay dealer fees.

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    Harley Davidson Community injected? Have a look here Welcome to the Forum
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    Thanks Jack, I have checked out other threads and still reading. I found some info that may be close to the problem I have.

    Also my bike is fuel injected M&M early 2001