Engine chirp/whine on take off!!!!

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by houdinitattoo, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Hello Brothers,

    Got an issue and can't seem to find what the heck is goin on. I changed my beach bars and put ape hangers and bought new clutch, throttle and idle cables. Before putting the bars on the bike ran fine and didn't have any noise problems on take off in first gear.

    Ok, now I will try and explain this the best way possible and I hope someone can give me an idea of what may be the problem. When I get ready to go for a ride and I'm parked with the bike warming up. When I shift down out of neutral to first and begin to let out the clutch and at the same time give some throttle the bike will (Sometimes) sound out a weird chirp or whine sound on the left side and the bike will jerk and take off. I feel like if I'm riding the clutch and no gas or not engaging the clutch enough or ???? what would would cause this problem, it doesn't always happen ONLY when I don't clutch and throttle correctly will it make that sound.

    If I just let out the clutch with no gas and the bike starts to move then give it gas it's fine, could it be that i'm giving to much throttle and the clutch cable not adjusted properly. I'm trying to replay exactly what I do when this happen and it's when Im letting out the clutch handle slowly or maybe I'm letting it out to slow????

    Thanks for any replies and sorry if my explanation is to confusing!!!

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    Sounds like your clutch plates are sticking and causing the bike to creep ahead. Also sounds like your belt might be dirty.